Nyancat and The Matrix on your terminal

I came across some command line tricks on Twitter (https://twitter.com/climagic) one slow day. Here are two of the cool things I found (and got to try on my Ubuntu terminal).

The Matrix

The Matrix on your Terminal

There exists bash scripts (like this one) that would let you simulate the famous green letter rain on your terminal. It also talks about the program called cmatrix which does it even better.

I swear that got me hypnotized for a good thirty minutes at least.

Try it (Ubuntu): sudo apt-get install cmatrix


Nyancat on your Terminal

Apart from the Matrix, you can also have Nyancat on your terminal!

You can check Nyancat on GitHub (https://github.com/klange/nyancat) which has instructions on how you can run it. Also, this site lists the different releases for Ubuntu.

Try it (Ubuntu): sudo apt-get install nyancat

Also, here’s a site that lists different public Nyancat telnet servers: http://nyancat.dakko.us/

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