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I die a little bit inside every time I come across somebody who hates programming, especially when those people are taking up a programming related major.

I’ve heard from people here and there have different reasons as to why they’re taking up their major. But I’ve heard way too many times that a lot of them abhor the thing they’re supposed to love.

Why is it that some students hate programming? Is it the way it’s being taught? Is it the required critical thinking? Is it a stereotype related thing that people don’t really want to be associated with the nerdy folk? Did they take up a computer course just so they’re on the computer? ಠ_ಠ


One thing’s for sure though. Maybe it just takes another approach. Perhaps it may be that those people weren’t given a chance to excel. Maybe they just need another way of learning how to code. Or maybe a different reason to code.

Are you a programming student and you HATE coding?

Try programming about something you love. This also works well whenever you’re trying out a new language or framework, or just plain practicing.

And as for those I’ve come across.. I wonder what they really feel about coding and why they hate it… well apart from personal preference. I would understand them if they’d at least try of course. And not in a half-assed way.