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What to do with a .dsc file (dpkg)

My previous post (Nyancat and The Matrix on your terminal) talks about how you can install Nyancat. Let’s use that as an example to package a .dsc file.

BTW, if you just want nyancat on Ubuntu without packaging anything, you can install it via this command: sudo apt-get install nyancat

Back at the Launchpad page for Nyancat, I went to the latest upload (1.2.2-1) and downloaded all three files into one directory. The tar.gz files are required to package the .dsc file.

  • nyancat_1.2.2-1.dsc
  • nyancat_1.2.2.orig.tar.gz
  • nyancat_1.2.2-1.debian.tar.gz

Then I followed the steps on this thread about packaging and installing .dsc files on Linux. Read more

Nyancat and The Matrix on your terminal

I came across some command line tricks on Twitter ( one slow day. Here are two of the cool things I found (and got to try on my Ubuntu terminal). Read more

Device Memory Running Low on Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2

There was a really big problem plaguing my phone the past weeks. For some reason, even if the apps installed weren’t taking up much space (a couple hundred MB at max), my device memory was running low (1.7GB out of 1.97GB). Here’s how I instantly cleaned 700MB off of it:

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