Nyancat and The Matrix on your terminal

I came across some command line tricks on Twitter (https://twitter.com/climagic) one slow day. Here are two of the cool things I found (and got to try on my Ubuntu terminal). Read more

Device Memory Running Low on Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2

There was a really big problem plaguing my phone the past weeks. For some reason, even if the apps installed weren’t taking up much space (a couple hundred MB at max), my device memory was running low (1.7GB out of 1.97GB). Here’s how I instantly cleaned 700MB off of it:

Read more

jQuery Picasa/Google+ Gallery

I’m working on a project that needs to use as little of the web host’s disk space as possible. The problem is that they need a product gallery and that would have at least a hundred pictures! That led me to look into hosting the pictures elsewhere (like FB, Flickr, Instagram, or Google+) and then maybe I could find a jQuery plugin that can “slurp” and display the photos inside the website. Here are a couple awesome plugins I found… Read more

Arrays.asList() – Why You Should Wrap It

oh noes!
I was trying to get the difference of two lists of files when a wild UnsupportedOperationException appeared!

My code looked a lil’ something like this:

List<File> listOfOtherFiles = Arrays.asList(otherDirectory.listFiles());
List<File> fileList = Arrays.asList(directory.listFiles());

The culprit: Arrays.asList(). Read more

How To Migrate A Git Repository To A New Server

Admittedly, it took me a while (and a couple of attempts) to clone a bunch of git repos from an old server and put them up on a new one. These are the steps I took to copy a working git repository from the old server and put it up on another server complete with history, branches, and tags. Read more