Pelican is my friend now

Posted on Fri 07 April 2023 in Pelican, Python, Blogging

Let's face it, I'm probably not going to make a career out of blogging, and a lot of the pricier paid options such as self hosting a full-on CMS doesn't actually make sense for me to do.

I have de-provisioned my Ghost blog in favor of Pelican, a static site generator primarily used for blogging.

It took me approximately 3 hours to:

  1. Provision DNS
  2. Provision a Let's Encrypt Certificate
  3. Fixed all of my static host server issues (second most labor and time intensive thing to do)
  4. Migrate all of my old blog posts into Markdown (this was the most labor and time intensive part)

It would be remiss for me to not thank my guildies for hanging out with me on Discord while I was trying to figure all of this out.

In other news, I'm writing this at 4AM and I really need to get some sleep. So I'll keep it at that.