Body Doubling to Alleviate Work Loneliness

Posted on Sun 09 April 2023 in Work, Life Hacks

I learned a new thing recently from a co-worker about Body Doubling. Honestly I was mind-boggled at first when I heard the term, thinking it was some sort of woo thing to do or perhaps something spooky.

Apparently, Body Doubling is basically just the act of getting on a voice/video call with at least one other co-worker and just working together. It's equivalent to hanging out on a Discord call with other folks and y'all are off doing your own things, or sometimes you're doing things together.

Person wearing glasses working from their desk indoors but staring outside the glass doors

Photo courtesy of Yasmina H

CHADD: Could a Body Double Help You Increase Your Productivity?

More things I could equate it to would be working at a coffee shop (though you might not know people around you), going to the gym with a friend but not always doing the same workouts together, or heck, working at an office (what a novel concept!)

In any case, this body doubling thing is pretty great and I highly recommend it to alleviate work loneliness.

Technically, you can even body double with people you don't go to work with, but be careful not to leak any information under NDA.