You must be wondering why we are here.

Why are any of us here?


The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Chkdsk to the rescue!

Let's say you were trying to look into your SD card on your computer, then suddenly the drive's like, My friend just went through this issue. Basically I told him to run: chkdsk E: /f on Command Prompt ran as administrator. ...and poof! It works ✨

Anime Recommendations (Living Doc)

So here's list of anime recommendations. I'll be updating this every now and then: Some from "The Criterion Collection" Samurai Champloo - Crunchyroll About samurai and hip hop. Music slaps. RIP Nujabes. Cowboy Bebop - Crunchyroll About space cowboys, bounty hunting, and there's a cute corgi. Music also slaps. Carole

Securing your Self-Hosted Ghost 5.20 instance with NGINX

I just set up a few days ago. It's been really fun setting up the server. I looked up some ways to secure my Ghost instance better. Great ideas here and there, and mostly just regular AppSec things. With this guide, I assume that Ghost handled the

Removing an element from a Binary Search Tree in Python

💡Note: Balancing the Binary Search Tree is out of scope for this blog post. I’ve been taking Codecademy lessons recently and one of the bonus exercises was to figure out how to delete an element from a binary search tree. I figured I’d give it a shot. class

Ang Aking Pagiging Nonbinary

Ito ang aking pagtangka sa pagpapaliwanag ng aking kasarian. Gender Identity Alam ninyo ang babae at saka lalake. Ito ang pinaguusapan pag pinapanganak ang sanggol. Sa nakasanayan ng marami, ang ari ng tao at saka ang kasarian ay pinagtutugma. Ang ari ng tao kung saan hinahango ang kanyang "kasarian" ay

Typing Accented Characters on Windows 10

There are words and names that have accents. Sure, you could use alt key codes on Windows, but what if you're on a laptop without a numpad? Why is this important? Not only is this good information to have, but by learning and practicing usage of accented letters, you also
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